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Praktiska is a upper secondary school in Sweden consisting of 36 schools spread across the country. In all, there are more than 9000 students and around 1200 staff personnel in our organisation.

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About Praktiska

We are a part of AcadeMedia, the largest education company in northern Europe covering the range from pre-schools to adult training and education. Characteristic for our vocational training and education is the close cooperation between us and companies. Together we train a large number of apprentices. Since we are taking the best from the school world and combining that with training at good and caring companies, our learners are very well prepared for the labor market

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What we do

We are preparing our learners for working life by giving them, their best three years in school, they ever had in their life!

Our ambition is to prepare our learners not only for the Swedish but also for the international labor market. This work we mainly perform within the framework of ERASMUS+. Praktiska is by the Swedish University and College Council an accredited ERASMUS+-partner for the period 2021-2027, meaning we are living up to the very high-quality standards demanded by the European Union.

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