Des formations professionnalisantes sanctionnées par un diplôme national de Licence ou de Master professionnel, sont organisées par la faculté de médecine, notamment dans le domaine des Biotechnologies, des Sciences Sanitaires et Sociales et de la Nutrition. La faculté de Médecine offre, en association avec d'autres composantes de l'Université de Bretagne Occidentale et d'autres universités du Grand Ouest, des formations de niveau Master1 et 2, ouvertes aux professionnels de Santé mais aussi aux scientifiques et juristes, notamment dans es sciences biologiques et humaines appliquées à la santé. Pour plus d'informationsIl est possible, pour des étudiants d'origine cialis scientifique ou médicale titulaire d'un Master, de réaliser une thèse d'université dans l'un des laboratoires reconnus comme Equipe d'Accueil. Pour encadrer des travaux de recherche (thèses d'université) et pour concourir aux fonctions de Professeur des Universités, il est nécessaire d'obtenir une habilitation à diriger des recherches (HDR).

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Praktiska – the school in centre of working life

We believe that students should have the opportunity to learn in the workplace with support from both teachers at the school and supervisors in the workplace. At our schools, we give students the theoretical knowledge and the chance to try out and practice their chosen profession.


We established our first school in 1999. Since then we have grown and are now at some 50 locations around Sweden. We are constantly working to develop and expand our idea, so that your education will be the best.

Our education.

We want to give our students an education that they can benefit from. We therefore think it is important that students experience their profession as it is in real life, while at the same time receiving the required knowledge to handle everyday challenges.

One-Half school.

Inside the school the student studies upper secondary school subjects and certain parts of the professional knowledge required.
"One must be good at geometry to be a tile-setter."
The upper secondary school subjects are more theoretical, such as math, English and Swedish. We try to integrate these topics together with the student's chosen profession. For example, the tile-setting student must be able to do geometry to calculate how many tiles should be set in a square meter.
The upper secondary school subjects are a very important part of the experience, allowing the student to develop both as a person but also in their professional capacity.
"The building part of the building program."
The remaining topics will be part of professional training, that is, so to speak, the building part of the building program. The student studies this part of the course both at his/her work placement and in the school.

Study at college or university.

Of course every student can gain academic competence in all our practical high schools.

Half internship.

Right from the first school year our students begin on a practical internship. This applies to all our schools. Our students do not need to find their own internship; the school provides each student with an internship that is usually near the student’s home municipality.
What will the students do at the internship?
The internship should be as real as possible and contain the assignments that are a part of everyday business. In the beginning of the internship the company can get the student to do basic parts of an assignment because he/she is still learning. The more educated the student gets in his/her profession, the more responsibility he/she may have in their internship.

We see each student.

Most of our schools have between 100 and 200 students and we keep the classes as small as possible.
The principal and teachers at the school know who each student is, what he / she has for interests and the subject that the student is studying. Our students socialise across program boundaries and often with different age groups. It is not unusual for our teachers to know the names of every student at the school.
At Praktiska we do a lot together, it is fun to learn at Praktiska.

Anton got a job

Anton put his best foot forward and got a job immediately after graduation.
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